Solar oven Concept or solar death ray

collector reflector white

This is so easy to make, you’ll kick yourself

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Lets start with some basic concepts of my idea

collector reflector white

In the above 2D ray traced diagram, both of the mirrors focal points are at the same point (Although the smaller secondary mirrors focal point is virtual and behind it)

It should be noted that a curved surface’s focal point is exactly half it’s radius, explained better here

Next we need to think in three dimensions (on the one axis)
ref col ani

Here you can visualise a sound or light ray’s path
esar reflect collect ray path

As you can see the single ray shows you that multiple rays would all be concentrated into a parallel line on the primary mirror from top to bottom.

It was then that I had my  Eureka moment and realised what to do next………

Add a third reflector!

esar reflect collect 3rd mirror


Now it should be noted that the third reflector concentrates the beam/wave down to a point that is the width of the third reflector.

It should be noted that the wave can be further concentrated by moving the secondary mirror back behind the primary’s focal point slightly.

But I’m not finished yet

Looking at the first drawing, if you have another reflector at the final focal point, you can reflect the “beam” back through a hole in the middle of all the reflectors as below (I’ve kept the two graphics apart for you to understand what is going on)

I think the beam coming out the back would be more useful and as its parallel, and it can be directed as desired without sacrificing any of the primary reflectors surface area by blocking it with an object

esar reflect collect merged

I hope you realise how easy it is to make and scale up one of these from household items, what you use depends on what you want to amplify/concentrate.

Your going to have to use heat resistant second third and forth mirrors if you want to concentrate sunlight.

I hope you can think of applications that I haven’t yet, now go build one!

Another idea on the same theme

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